Color Shell 2.0

Our new patented design provides

  1. A thinner, lighter more flexible shell.
  2. Easier to rinse.
  3. New rear alignment guides.
  4. Snaps in firmly but easy to open.
  5. A design grid to hold more product against the hair.

Use a green tool

We care about a clean and healthy environment and we know you and your clients do too.  Shells are a truly green tool, made from recyclable plastic which is re-usable dozens of times. This product puts an end to the wasteful, disposable foils.

Cost per use

The Cost of a shell is minimal.  When a shell is used 100 times prior to replacement, the cost per use is 13 hundreds of a cent. Compare this to a traditional, use once and throwaway product.  Precut foils are two and a half times more expensive to use.


During application and processing the shell has the look of a specialized, unique, innovative tool. They have the advantage of being clear so you do not have to disturb the processing to watch the color develop.

Easy Release

Put used shells in soapy water, soak, swish then rinse and store on their side to drip dry.